About Hawaiian Islands Tea Company

Since 1995, Hawaiian Islands Tea has been on a mission to produce the the world’s most fragrant and flavorful tropical teas.

Hawaiian Islands Tea started off as a small local business on the windward side of Oahu. Founder Dave Plaskett found his passion cultivating unique island-inspired tea flavors.

When he realized demand was more than he could supply on his own, he reached out to Hawaii Coffee Company, the parent company of Royal Kona Coffee and Lion Coffee, Hawaii’s leading coffee brands.

Long story short, Plaskett came on board and Hawaii Coffee Company became the proud parent of Hawaii’s leading tea brand. It was a match made in paradise.

The unique island flavors have been cultivated with passion. The tea leaves are handpicked and each flavor is crafted right here in the Islands of Hawaii.

With exception of our single Rooibos tea, our teas start with premium 100% Camellia Sinensis leaves.

Our Tropical Black tea leaves are rolled and fully processed by orthodox methods into a superior black tea. The result is a quality tea with unique flavor and smooth taste that blends remarkably well with exotic tropical fruits.

Our green tea leaves are quickly heated and dried after harvesting to retain their fresh-picked flavor, resulting in a superior green tea that has a delightful flavor, smooth mouth feel and is rich in antioxidants and has significantly less caffeine than black tea.

Enjoy a taste of Aloha!