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The U.S. tea market has grown 15x its size since 2009 and growth won’t be slowing down any time soon as tea gains popularity as a specialty product, hydration alternative and healthier alternative to sugar laden beverages. On any given day, over 159 million Americans are drinking tea. In 2017, Americans alone consumed over 84 billion servings of tea, or more than 3.8 billion gallons. Plus? We pay up to 20% to show appreciation for your hard work in the way you’ll most appreciate.


We convert traffic to sales at 4x the industry standard. Almost unheard of, we know! But that’s what you want, yes?

Longevity and Appeal

It’s so much easier to sell products that have passed the tests of time, trust and appeal. We have been delighting tea drinkers with our exotic Tropical Teas since 1995. A quick browse around our site will assure you that our customers rave about our tea. Quite simply said, every tea we sell is ranked 5-stars by our delighted customers.

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Our affiliate program is managed by Share A Sale. Which means you get a crazy-good suite of tools to help you sell. You can link to our home page, or review specific teas and link directly to that page. You can promote on websites, social media or even using PPC ads. Plus, you can sell for other Share A Sale merchants and get paid all in one check. Simply, there are no downsides.


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